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High Cotton Indulgence
In our part of the world, when life is sweet and everything is going our way, we say we're "in high cotton." You'll be in high cotton after experiencing our ultimate package. Your day of indulgence includes a fifty minute Alluvian Custom Massage, a fifty minute Deep South Cleanse facial, Sweet Tea Manicure and Pedicure, and concludes with an Amy Head make-up application. You'll also enjoy a leisurely spa lunch. 5 hours $405

The Crossroads
This relaxing package for body and soul starts with a fifty minute Alluvian Classic Massage followed by our fifty minute Deep South Cleanse Facial. Your spa experience concludes with our "soleful" Sweet Tea Pedicure. A spa lunch is also included. 4 hours $305

Girlfriends' Getaway
Girls just want to have fun...and The Alluvian Spa is the perfect setting. Gather your friends and begin with a twenty-five minute Alluvian Classic Massage followed by a twenty-five minute Delta Sunrise Facial. Next, take pleasure in an Essential Manicure and Pedicure, and Amy Head make-up application - while you enjoy each other's company. 3 hours $220

Delta Escape
Escape to the laid back land of cotton with a twenty-five minute Alluvian Classic Massage or Delta Sunrise Facial. Afterwards, enjoy a decadent Sweet Tea Manicure and Pedicure. 2 hours $175

Delta Wedding
A Delta Wedding is a celebration like no other. We can customize a special spa experience for your wedding day. Our spa staff can coordinate hair, make-up, nail and body treatments for the bride, groom, and wedding party on the big day. We base our program to suit your personal preferences. Call The Alluvian Spa to design your bridal program today.

Pricing and descriptions subject to change without notice


The Alluvian Spa offers a variety of fun and relaxing specials each month.


Bottoms Up!

Rum Punch Body Scrub and Wrap
A fruity celebration awaits! A Butter Rum scrub sends to you smooth operator status before being cocooned in an antioxidant rich Clementine sparkling wrap.  Be whipped into softness with a Shea butter massage with delicious sangria notes of mango, melon, peach and strawberry. 50 minutes/$135

Rum Punch Manicure and Pedicure
Manicure $40
Pedicure $65

Mangosteen Gentle Resurfacing  Facial
Experience the power of Mangosteen with a facial that provides a complete surface and pore-refining treatment.  By gently removing impurities and dead skin cells while minimizing pore size the skin is left smooth and radiant.  50 minutes /$135


Fun and Fruity!

Black Currant & Coconut Body Scrub and Wrap
A shea butter sugar polish buffs your body to prep for an ultra-hydrating wrap to restore your natural glow.  Next, a whole milk wrap envelops you in rich and creamy goodness, as Chicory root extract aids in banishing itchiness and irritation. For the finale, a revitalizing botanical massage infused with blackcurrant extract that is rich in vitamin C and antioxidants. Your skin thanks you. 50 minutes/$135

Coconut Pudding Pop Manicure and Pedicure
Manicure $40
Pedicure $65

Marine Peptide Facial
Reveal a more radiant and youthful complexion with fewer fine lines and wrinkles. This facial uses a Smart Collagen Complex from plant peptides and collagen boosting algae to give the skin increased strength and firmness. 50 minutes/$135


Autumn’s Splendor

Black Currant Cosmopolitan Body Scrub and Wrap
This sophisticated treatment whisks you into Autumn sunsets! A ripe, organic vodka body polish brings a juicy skin smoothing experience with sugar, vitamin-rich raspberry extract and Square One organic vodka. Skin is then coated in a bubbling, active-foam body wash – crafted with aloe, vitamin E and a blend of extracts that calm skin. Next, indulge in a wrap infused with notes of passion fruit and wine that softens the skin. A glistening Quinsyberry Botanical Oil massage is the final hurrah on this splendorous getaway.
50 minutes/$135

Black Currant Cosmopolitan Manicure and Pedicure
Manicure $40
Pedicure $65

Rose Hip and Lemongrass Repair Facial
This revolutionary facial uses the power of a Natural Repair Complex for dry skin needing relief from sun exposure. Rose Hip and Lemon Grass lock in moisture, repair dry skin and reduce redness caused by dryness. Cooling properties, courtesy of a beautiful blend of camphor and menthol, provide a refreshing sensation, especially after exposure to the elements leaving the skin looking visibly rejuvenated. 50 minutes/ $135


So warm and comfy it’s scary!

Pumpkin Chai Steamed Milk Wrap and Massage
The temps may be falling outside, but you’re in for a relaxing warm-up! Skin is ravished in a scrumptious organic pumpkin puree paste and cocooned in a steamed wrap that so frothy  with nourishing whole milk and chicory root. To finish, a warm spiced honey and steeped milk massage comforts newly glistened skin. 50 minutes /$150

Pumpkin Chai Steamed Milk Manicure and Pedicure
Manicure $40
Pedicure $65

The Pumpskin Facial
Drench your skin in deliciously hydrating pumpkin puree and fragrant spices. The antioxidant rich treats turn even the most frightful skin soft and youthful! 50 minutes /$135

Think Pink Manicure and Pedicure
Pink is in the air! Honor yourself (or your loved ones) with a breast cancer awareness “Think Pink” pedi. Your tired toosties will be scrubbed pink with a refreshing and oh-so intoxicating Rasmopolitan Fine Body Scrub – infused with organic vodka and juicy raspberry extract. A honey oat yogurt mask is applied to remove impurities, soothe skin, and refine skin tone. The grand finale…. A Pink Moon Shea Butter massage bursting with beautiful fragrant notes of spun sugar, powder and licorice blossom.  Finish with your choice of pink polish.
Manicure $40
Pedicure $65


Be Thankful.

Honey Pumpkin Soufflé Body Scrub and Wrap
A splash of Clementine sparkling oil brings an ultra-hydrating softness to skin. After a spicy Whipped Honey sea salt exfoliation, you’re painted in a whipped, organic pumpkin puree and nutrient mud mask that imparts 12+ nutrients and minerals to skin as it soaks in. A toasty Honey-Chai steeped milk lotion massage puts the finishing touch on this delectable treatment. 50 minutes/$135

Honey Pumpkin Soufflé Manicure and Pedicure
Manicure $40
Pedicure $65

“Yammiest” Yam and Pumpkin Pro Enzyme Peel Facial
This luxurious, results oriented facial includes deep pore cleansing, exfoliation, steaming, delicate extractions and a nourishing specialty mask. An eye contour and hydrating lip treatment along with a soothing Hungarian massage ensures a blissful meditative state, while warmed mitts infuse hands and feet with moisture. 50 minutes/$135


Positively Plummy Holiday!

Rum Plum Plum Plum Body Scrub and Massage
A thorough scrub down with a buttery, rum-infused brown sugar scrub leaves skin feeling as smooth as silk, followed by a drizzle of melted mango and cocoa butters with light plum fragrant notes. The butter melt is massaged into skin, leaving skin nourished with a beautiful, subtle glow. 50 minutes/$135

Rum Plum Plum Plum Manicure and Pedicure
Manicure $40
Pedicure $65

Eminence Biodynamic Facial
Created from gentle and rejuvenating, all natural ingredients from Demeter International Certified Biodynamic® farms, this gentle anti- aging facial is the ultimate in luxury, pureness and results-driven skin care. 50 minutes/ $135