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High Cotton Indulgence
In our part of the world, when life is sweet and everything is going our way, we say we're "in high cotton." You'll be in high cotton after experiencing our ultimate package. Your day of indulgence includes a fifty minute Alluvian Custom Massage, a fifty minute Deep South Cleanse facial, Sweet Tea Manicure and Pedicure, and concludes with an Amy Head make-up application. You'll also enjoy a leisurely spa lunch. 5 hours $405

The Crossroads
This relaxing package for body and soul starts with a fifty minute Alluvian Classic Massage followed by our fifty minute Deep South Cleanse Facial. Your spa experience concludes with our "soleful" Sweet Tea Pedicure. A spa lunch is also included. 4 hours $305

Girlfriends' Getaway
Girls just want to have fun...and The Alluvian Spa is the perfect setting. Gather your friends and begin with a twenty-five minute Alluvian Classic Massage followed by a twenty-five minute Delta Sunrise Facial. Next, take pleasure in an Essential Manicure and Pedicure, and Amy Head make-up application - while you enjoy each other's company. 3 hours $220

Delta Escape
Escape to the laid back land of cotton with a twenty-five minute Alluvian Classic Massage or Delta Sunrise Facial. Afterwards, enjoy a decadent Sweet Tea Manicure and Pedicure. 2 hours $175

Delta Wedding
A Delta Wedding is a celebration like no other. We can customize a special spa experience for your wedding day. Our spa staff can coordinate hair, make-up, nail and body treatments for the bride, groom, and wedding party on the big day. We base our program to suit your personal preferences. Call The Alluvian Spa to design your bridal program today.

Pricing and descriptions subject to change without notice


The Alluvian Spa offers a variety of fun and relaxing specials each month.


Positively Plummy Holiday!

Rum Plum Plum Plum Body Scrub and Wrap
A thorough scrub down with a buttery, rum-infused brown sugar scrub leaves skin feeling as smooth as silk, followed by a drizzle of melted mango and cocoa butters with light plum fragrant notes. The butter melt is massaged into the skin, leaving skin nourished with a beautiful, subtle glow. 50 minutes/$135

Rum Plum Plum Plum Manicure and Pedicure
Manicure $40
Pedicure $65

Eminence Biodynamic Facial
Created from gentle and rejuvenating, all natural ingredients from Demeter International Certified Biodynamic® farms, this gentle anti-aging facial is the ultimate in luxury, pureness and results-driven skin care. 50 minutes/$135


Winter Warm Up!

Golden Pear Body Scrub and Wrap
Even the brightest diamond gets a polish in this premium brandy and pear treatment! First, a rich Bartlett-pear infused Brandy scrub with fine grain sea salt and rice bran oil leaves your skin glistening and brilliantly soft-scented with ripe, light pear. Next, our citrus infused Clementine wrap will revive your senses and lift your spirits with a blend of antioxidant and vitamin-rich natural oils that nourish skin. Finally, we saturate your skin with sunshine as whipped Hello Yellow Shea butter infused with natural vanilla and citrus oils takes your skin’s softness level to level E - Euphoria. 50 minutes/$140

Golden Pear Manicure and Pedicure
Manicure $40
Pedicure $65

Arctic Berry Peel & Peptide Illuminating Facial
Keep your skin radiant with this targeted anti-aging treatment that reduces the appearance of fine lines, wrinkles and hyperpigmentation. Begin with an active exfoliation, followed by a gentle peel that works in harmony with an exquisite blend of arctic berries and hibiscus seed extract that reveals smooth, even-toned and luminous skin. 50 minutes/ $140


All you need is love…

Berries and Bubbly Couple’s Renewal
Enjoy a glass of bubbly while you immerse yourself in a refreshing bubbling fizzer soak bath that both relaxes and invigorates. A sprightly sugar scrub, made with Square One Organic vodka and raspberry extract, thoroughly banishes dead, dry skin and hydrates deeply with natural oils. A light drizzle of softly scented melted Shea, cocoa and mango butter eases tense muscles for your massage finale. 2 hours /$475

Chocolate Covered Strawberry Bliss Body Scrub and Wrap
Before a warm dark chocolate softening mask is painted over every inch, and left to nourish skin with antioxidant-rich CoQ10 enzymes indulge in a Sweet Cream sea salt exfoliation that smooths all the rough spots. Next, a hot Butter Brulee whole milk wrap softens and moisturizes. Last, a dollop of delight! A whipped Shea butter and live strawberry fruit cell massage brings deep, luscious hydration! 50 minutes /$140

Chocolate Covered Strawberry Bliss Manicure and Pedicure
Manicure $40
Pedicure $65


Stop and smell the oranges

Darling Clementine Body Scrub and Wrap
Skin is then thoroughly smoothed and polished with a whipped Sweet Tea Shea Butter Scrub and juicy notes of peaches and ginger. A Prickly Pear Cactus Toning Wrap warms on skin, tightening and toning the look of surface texture. You’ll then be cocooned in a Clementine wrap made with ripe orange and antioxidant-rich olive fruit oils. This treatment would not be complete without relishing in the splendor of a massage with Quinsyberry Botanical Body Oil - a glistening, berry delightful oil that helps replenish your skin’s softness while bringing out its best glow. 50 minutes/$140

Darling Clementine Manicure and Pedicure
Manicure $40
Pedicure $65

Mangosteen Gentle Lactic Resurfacing Facial
Resurface and Refine Skin to unveil a natural, luminous glow with a gentle 10% Lactic Professional Peel complete with advanced pore-minimizing actives and antioxidant-rich Mangosteen. 50 minutes/$140


April Showers

Rosemary Mint Relaxation Cloud Bubble Wrap
Pamper yourself and allow your troubles to melt away by relaxing in a Rosemary-Mint Tea sea salt Wrap full of organic flower petals and tea leaves. A heavenly body wash blend brings silky smoothness back to skin with whipped Shea butter, sugar and creamy bubbles. A rich mint julep and lavender scented moisturizer seals in moisture and softness. You’ll feel so light you could float away on a cloud! 50 minutes/$140

Rosemary Mint Relaxation Manicure and Pedicure
Manicure $40
Pedicure $65

Rosehip Triple C + E Antioxidant Firming Facial
Increase collagen production, reduce inflammation and sooth the skin with the Rosehip Triple C+E Firming Oil. The multiple botanical sources of Vitamins C and E, including rosehip, jojoba and seabuckthorn oils, fight free radicals from UV exposure and the effects of glycation while improving the appearance of redness and inflammation on sensitive skin. This superior facial provides nourishing hydration and diminishes the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles. 50 minutes/ $140


Cheers to Mom!

Raspberry Mint Julep Body Scrub and Wrap
A Rasmopolitan vodka body polish sloughs away dead skin for a vibrant glow as you enjoy the essence of fresh raspberries with Square One organic vodka, rice bran oil and Vitamin E. Settle in with a Green Tea Marigold Mineral Wrap brimming with antioxidants while simultaneously stimulating and energizing your senses. Go for the glistening gold finish with the Strawberry Smash double moisturizer, a luxurious whipped blend of live fruit cells and sweet cream that will leave your skin with a dewy softness. 50 minutes/$140

Raspberry Mint Julep Manicure and Pedicure
Manicure $40
Pedicure $65

Wildflower Organic Oils Transformative Facial
Using Botanical oils derived from wildflowers from the Hungarian Countryside, transform your skin while melting away stress and impurities. Evening Primrose, Poppy, Cornflower, and Linden Flower are no shrinking violets as they were carefully selected for their nourishing and healing properties. Restore hydration and lock in much needed moisture with this aromatic and therapeutic facial. 50 minutes/ $140

It’s Cinco de Mayo all month Long!

Tableside Guac Body Scrub and Wrap
Tableside gourmet, spa style!
After a thorough dry brush body exfoliation, a whipped shea-sugar exfoliation with all natural citrus notes is massaged into dry skin to remove any dull, lackluster appearance while nourishing with shea butter. Next, you’re painted with a creamy avocado butter, oil and extract mask to lock in moisture and deeply nourish skin. While cocooned in antioxidant bliss, you’ll enjoy a scalp, shoulder and foot massage. Full body nourishment from head to toe, no calories added! 50 minutes/ $140